Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Court A Love I Know Will Find Me

My life is a solution of this equation,
that originates beyond imagination,
making every choice a living emanation,
& every moment, a route to my station:-

The thought of you now moves me so,
I bring to life, my dreams ~ although,
I may be waiting, this I know ~
this now is here from words I own:

I Court A Love I Know Will Find Me

I believe in My Trinity.
I believe SHE is around.
How to court a love invisible?
Knowing you will be found!

What does one do to prepare?
To hold your space yet be there?
to be ready for her as she arrives?
To tell her "I believed" everywhere!!

Coping will nothing get you!
Groping, I cannot _yet_ you.
Moping? I’d rather kiss you!
Hoping.. you know I miss you??

I know the fact that U do come.
I do not care what may say some.
Crazy I am *aah* 2 hear from thee..
Just cannot wait, until we’re "Weeee!"

Author: myself ~ Abbas al-Jedi