Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lust Letter to the girl of my dreams .. (Come already!-)



Ola my sweet puss, which I wish I was a figment of, as in, caught in ..

U R deliciously missed.. and voluptuously kissed (as in with big, wet voluptuous devouring lips,) all over (in my thoughts,) & envisioned as a writhing creature in agony of joy before me.. as U agonize me, in love, with loving so kind and voracious yet awe inspiring, that I continue to thoughtgasm after hourgasm with you as we continue past limitations of physical delights, continuously, & holding each other in sensual mastery, continue to maintain a state where I can ride the crescendo of my energy, and yet unleash yours.. continuously.. for days if it takes to reach your exhaustion.. but to exhaust U into utter submission, into crying, begging pleadings of ceasings of pleasure, which I expect to treasure as I continue to enthrust upon you, and burrow ever deeper inside you, from within, as without you.. out of every pore.. out of your eyes, your breath, your wetness engulfing me, as we continue to beat in the rhythm of each other.. In so doing, being one as the heart of the whole we become, as we come.. unto unease of learning that even this must end..

And yet you plead, as U cry.. & writhe as I write, inside thee, with my schtick, our eternal wire.. that U wear, so clear, so complete, as to be the covering my manhood desires.. As we inspire the fire inside thee & in me; and aspire, yet higher, to continue still.. & I cease not until U give away to the ecstasy of an orgonal exhaustion into sleep..

Now wouldn't that be something to perspire for?-)

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